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This page was setup to accompany the current Hades run that I am working on over on Twitch. This run will keep track of the best and worst of everything that Hades has to offer. 

Below you will find a complete list of all the available Achievements and Fates that can be found or completed. As they are completed, I will make sure to mark them off to make sure that we do complete them all. I will also be keeping track of a few other stats for my own personal enjoyment and achievement. 

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Personal Accomplishments

The following are personal achievements that I am keeping track of within the game. More to follow.

  • Longest Run – 34 Chambers – Adamant Rail (Aspect of Zagreus)
  • No Hit Streak – 7 Chambers – Stygian Blade (Aspect of Zagreus)

Hades Achievements 4/49

Name Description Date
Escaped Tartarus
Clear Tartarus
Escaped Asphodel
Clear Asphodel
Arms Collector
Unlock all Infernal Arms (Requires 24 Chthonic Keys)
Chthonic Colleagues
Encounter all Chthonic Gods

Fated List of Minor Prophecies 5/55

Name Description Reward Date
Distant Relatives
Meet all Rulers of Olympus

x 3

Reluctant Musician
Commute Orpheus Sentence

x 80

Chthonic Knowledge
Unlock 70 Codex Items

x 40

Infernal Arms
Acquire all of the Ancient Weapons

x 60

Chthonic Colleagues
Encounter all Chthonic Gods

x 10


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