Elden Ring - "True Samurai"
Getting Started Guide

This guide is meant to provide a starting point for those interested in playing the Samurai class like a “True Samurai” within Elden Ring.  What exactly do I mean by a “True Samurai”? I am referring to a historically accurate version of the class as is possible within the scope of the game. However, only being a melee character in Elden Ring is extremely difficult and not really a smart move for new players to Elden Ring. 
So what I have done within this guide, is to provide a way to Get Started with the Samurai class. It takes advantage of the Open World nature of Elden Ring so that we can level up our equipment as quickly as possible while also grabbing some very powerful add-ons that are unique to the Elden Ring mechanics. This allows us to focus on being a Samurai while also using the Elden Ring mechanics so that we can still have fun and be successful  within the game.
The full video below provides a walk-through of a route that should make up the first four hours of your time within Elden Ring and each chapter’s requirements should help to build you up to a Samurai that should look like the following:
Samurai Level 20+
Attributes: Vigor 20+, Mind 12, & Dexterity 18+
Weapons: Katana +5 & Long Bow +3
Ashes of War: Bloody Slash & Horefrost Stomp
In addition to the Full Video that you are seeing above, with broken down chapters, I also wanted to provide you with additional  resources to help you through your initial hours and time within the Lands Between. Below you will find links to the individual chapters within the video should you not want to navigate through a 4-hour walkthrough. I have also provided Map images for each of the areas that we explored within the route along with the specific Sites of Grace that we discovered. Lastly, I have provided a Check/Task List for each of the route steps that I performed within the walk-through so that you can make sure that you don’t miss anything in your run.

DISCLAIMER: This guide is meant as a set of steps to put you in the best possible position to be successful within the early areas of Elden Ring. It is not a guarantee that you will power through all enemies and bosses. This is still a From Software game and you will still need to learn timings and move sets to be successful.



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