Elden Ring Build Guide Battle Mage

Elden Ring - "Battle Mage"
Build Guide

This guide is meant to provide a starting point for those interested in trying out something a little bit different within Elden Ring from a build perspective.  Maybe you want to try something completely different from your first run or you want to play with a couple of different classes at the same time. This guide will focus on what I am calling a Battle Mage, but a Battle Mage that focuses on both Dex and Int from an attribute perspective. I am calling this out specifically, because the Prisoner class that Elden Ring makes available at the start focuses on Dex and Int, but the spread of those attributes and the starting weapon/armor/spell sets are not all that great in my opinion.
So what I have done within this guide, is to start off with the Astrologer and focus on his/her magic capabilities to keep you alive while you gather the necessary spells and weapons that make sense. This is then the starting point for a much more versatile hybrid character that focuses on both Dex and Int. There are four primary spells to gather and use in combination with katanas to provide both a ranged approach to each enemy, but also a slide and dice should the need arise.
The videos that I have put together walk you through all the required pickups for this build based on each of the major areas of the game that you can get to at the beginning: Limgrave, Wheeping Peninsula, Caelid, and Lake of Liurnia. This build was tested within a live streamed version of a Lore run within Elden Ring and was leveled up well over 125.
What you can expect to have at the end of the build guide is the following:
  • Astrologer Level 22
  • Attributes: Vigor 14, Mind 15, Dexterity 12 & Intelligence 25
  • Weapons: Meteorite Staff & Ornamental Straight Sword
  • Spells: Rock Sling, Carian Slicer, Glintstone Pebble, & Ambush Shard
  • 2 x Memory Stones
DISCLAIMER: This guide is meant as a set of steps to put you in the best possible position to be successful within the early areas of Elden Ring. It is not a guarantee that you will power through all enemies and bosses. This is still a From Software game and you will still need to learn timings and move sets to be successful.
Some optional items that can be gathered after build setup that will also be beneficial but will require some clearing of areas can be found below: 
  • Cerulean Amber Medallion [Liurnia Lakeside Crystal Cave]
  • Carian Knight Armor [Academy]
  • Radagon Icon [Academy]
  • Marika’s Scarseal [Siofra River Valley]


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