Dishonored No-Hit
Low Chaos / All Paintings

There are many guides out there for Dishonored, but most of them are a straight forward walk-through designed for first time casual players of the game or they focus on how to get the special tags at the end of the mission, such as not being seen or collecting All Paintings. They don’t really focus on any of the routing, strategies, or specific items that would be required to not just complete the objectives, but to do it without Dying or taking Damage.  Of course, you need to have already completed the game at least once to understand the objectives and the areas that you will be traversing. This guide was written primarily to focus on a No Hit/No Damage challenge run. As such it will include a step-by-step walk-through of each Mission area in video form with commentary to talk about specific strategies and routes for being successful in the area.
In addition to the ANY% No Hit focus of this guide, I also decided to step up the difficulty a little bit, by adding in a requirement where I also collect all of Zokolov’s paintings which is a stat that shows up on the Mission completion screen. So all in all, here are the requirements that I put on myself for this guide and these videos:
  • No Hit
  • Low Chaos
  • All Zokolov paintings collected (17/17)
  • All Blink and Dark Vision area allowed from a Powers perspective
Before we jump right into the meat of the Guide, if you would like to see a definition of some of the common Challenge Run terms, please take a look at the following page for more information: Challenge Runs
Now that we have a good basis of understanding for the type of run that this guide is focused on, let’s get into the meat of the guide. I will be making an assumption that you already know how to complete the objectives within the missions. If you need information on how to complete the game’s objectives, then I recommend checking one of the following online guides for more information:
NOTE: All videos were recorded on Very Hard Difficulty. I would highly recommend that you make sure that you are comfortable with any challenge run on either Normal or Hard difficulty before attempting it on Very Hard. The changes are significant enough that it can affect your strategies because of ease to be seen by soldiers.


This guide was completely focused on the main story and the 9 missions that were associated with it. In the future, I do hope to add to this guide to include the missions from both the Knife of Dunwall and The Brigmore Witches. I hope that you enjoyed the guide and found something useful here. If you did enjoy the videos, please make sure to Subscribe to the channel and give me a Thumbs Up.
If you would like to see any of my latest attempts at similar Challenge Runs, you can find them here:

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