Build Against Cancer Charity Month
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I am very pleased to announce that the entire month of Dec ’22, will be charity month over on the TheProfessorCloud’s Twitch channel. 

I have been a big admirer of DrLupo and his wife for a few years now with respect to all the work that they do to benefit the children at St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Every year they do a big 24 hr. event to garner donations toward this fantastic charity. This year they have opened it up to other content creators to help bring their communities in to help the children throughout the entire month of December and I am happy to be a small part of it. 

Please come by the Twitch stream at any point during the month of December and you can donate to this wonderful charity. There will be incentives & challenges for specific donation amounts and a number of goals/targets that we will be working toward. The entire list including my personal goals for the channel can be found down below.

As much as I would love to see all of you come by the channel, you do not have to. If you would like to just do what you can to help the children, then you can feel free to donate here:

Personal Charity Goal = $2,500.00

Donation Targets

  • Future Lego Building Stream ($2,500)
  • Future Cooking Stream ($5,000)
  • Future Treadmill/Peloton for 1 hr Stream ($10,000)

Incentives & Challenges

  • Play with me in Dead By Daylight ($251)
  • Play with me in Destiny 2 ($252)
  • Play with me in Fortnite ($253)
  • *Choose a Build for Elden Ring ($51)
  • *Choose a Build for Dark Souls 2 ($52)
  • *No Damage Attempt of Alien Isolation ($101)
  • *No Damage Attempt of RE2 (Clair/Leon) ($102)
  • 50 x Pushups on Screen ($25)
  • 50 x Situps on Screen ($26)
  • Ball Plank (45 Seconds) ($35)
* TheProfessorCloud will donate $25 per boss killed or damage taken in these incentives/challenges